Everything You Need To Know About Ride On Cars [2020]

Ride On Cars for kids are some of the hottest toys in the market right now, but with so many options to choose from, it’s hard to pick the most suitable Ride On Car for your child. So we decided to save you the trouble by compiling everything you need to know to make an informed decision, in the only guide you'll ever need.


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NOTE: Ride On Cars are gender neutral toys, but for the purpose of readability, we will be using he/him/himself pronouns.


Foreword - Make The Outdoors Fun Again

Remember the days of your childhood when you simply couldn’t wait to play outside to see all your friends? I sure can! All the times we played tag, hide and go seek, or when we used our imagination to pretend that we were race car drivers, or pirate ship captains, or astronauts.

Then came technology.

We all know the upsides the technological revolution brought about. Unfortunately, technology also set us back in many ways. In fact, the people whom technology impacted the most are arguably our children.

Numerous studies have shown that children are spending less time outdoors than ever before. In fact, the average child spends five to eight hours a day in front of a digital screen, at the expense of unstructured play outdoors. As a result, excessive screen-time is negatively affecting the developing minds of young children.

Remember the days of your childhood when you simply couldn’t wait to play outside to see all your friends? I sure can! All the times we played tag, hide and go seek, or when we used our imagination to pretend that we were race car drivers, or pirate ship captains, or astronauts.

Brother and Sister Sitting in a Ride On Car

Time spent outdoors engage children in informal, experiential learning through play, and shared experiences with peers, which not only helps improve their interpersonal skills, enhance their creativity, but also gives them fond childhood memories they can look back on. It would truly be a shame if the majority of our children's memories from childhood consisted of time spent on an iPad, virtually jumping through obstacles on Temple Run.

Our children need to experience the outdoors again!

But like it or not, technology isn’t going anywhere. So the goal is not to get rid of technology entirely, but to bring technology to the outdoors. That’s why we started Kool Karz®, a premium brand of Ride On Toy Cars for Kids.

Ride On Cars are a fantastic way to encourage children to explore the outdoors through technology.

We wrote this guide to teach you everything you need to know about Ride On Cars: the benefits of Ride On Cars, what to look for in a Ride On Car, and finally, our Top 5 Ride On Cars of 2019.

Join us on our mission to make outdoors fun again!


So... Why Ride On Cars?

1. They’re Educational

Ride On Cars are not educational in the traditional sense of the word… But they certainly offer lessons that your child can take with him for a lifetime. For example, through your guidance as a parent, Ride On Cars teach children how to be more mindful and aware of their surroundings. With safety in mind, children learn to be more careful not to bump into other children or objects.

Driving a ride on toy car can also help your child develop an appreciation for driving, and thus pay more attention to you during a car ride, as he curiously observes how you drive. A lesson that could serve him well beyond his years, until he comes of age to operate a real vehicle. Although this may seem a little far-fetched, remember that our childhoods often shape how we view and move through the world as adults.

Never underestimate the influences and experiences of a child.

2. They Improve Cognitive Functions

In our increasingly ADHD society, it’s hard to stay focused these days. Remember the first time you drove a car? The amount of focus you needed to steer the vehicle, and the amount of attention you needed to pay your surroundings?

Ride On Cars can help your child practice this in the exact same way, but on a smaller and safer scale. To your child, he might simply be having fun operating a miniature version of an automobile. But in reality, he is exercising his spatial awareness, concentrating his focus, and improving his motor and coordination skills, when learning how to operate a piece of equipment that behaves in response to his actions.

These are mental skills that are easily transferable into different areas of one’s life, such as sports, playing an instrument, cooking, etc.
Brother And Sister In A Cardboard Car
3. They Stimulate Creativity and Imagination
Unfortunately, with the introduction of instantly gratifying video games, children of today don’t need to use their imagination to entertain themselves. All they need to do is play one of the thousand mind-numbing video games from the app store, and they get a consistent stream of immediate dopamine rushes.

This is why Ride On Cars make excellent toys: they have a huge potential to spark your child’s imagination.

When your child drives a Ride On Car in the park with his friends, in reality, he might simply be driving around, chasing after squirrels. But in his mind, he could be on a prehistoric safari excursion, on the hunt for rare species of dinosaur. Or, he might be in a Nascar circuit, going head to head with rival competitors.

Creativity is like a muscle, it must be exercised frequently in order to be accessed more easily throughout one's lifetime. It sets the foundation for any type of inventive thinking.

With Ride On Cars, children have a better reason to exercise those creative muscles.
Two Brothers In A Sleek Ride On Car

4. They Help With Peer Bonding

As a young boy, I have fond memories bonding with my childhood friends through the toys we played together, and the adventures we went on in the outdoors. The tightest bonds are formed when you share an experience and overcome hardships together with another human being.

With the rise of social media, it’s harder to find motivation to meet new people in person. This is because first encounters are hard and it’s much easier to sit behind a computer screen. In-person interactions make us more open to rejection, which can be very traumatizing.

But on the other hand, we understand all too well what a lack of human connection can do to us. It’s extremely important that we do whatever we can to teach our children the value of building real interpersonal connections at a young age.

By playing with the same toys, our children learn the skill of fostering relationships with one another. An important skill-set in any human being’s personal growth.

With the Ride On Car in particular, your child can learn how to share their toys, and that one can have more fun when sharing an experience with others.

5. They Are Segues Into Hobby Development

A Ride On Car could also spark a mutual love of cars in children playing together, a hobby that can bond them for years to come.

Hobbies add new dimensions to our lives, and make life more interesting. They help us reduce negative stress and rejuvenate our minds. They also make it easier to connect with other people who share the same hobbies.

If you’re a dad and a car enthusiast, introducing your child to your passion might spark an interest in them too. From fixing a car together, to going on road trips, cars have a long history of bonding fathers with sons.

Gifting your child a Ride On Car is a fantastic setup for such a bond.

They’re just really fun!

We decided to save the best reason for last. In the end, Ride On Cars are toys, and the purpose of a toy is to ultimately bring joy and fun to a child. Not only do they look stunningly realistic like their life-size counterparts, they drive like real cars too! Well, by a child’s standards.

Children look up to their parents. When they see their parents driving cars to go places, they want that same experience. Ride On Toy Cars offer children the closest experience to driving a real car.

Not to mention the look of joy and excitement on your child’s face upon receiving a Kool Karz® Ride On Car as a gift.

What should I look for in a Ride On Car?

You’re probably wondering… “With countless different Kids Cars being sold online, how do I find out what features I should look for when selecting the ideal car?” Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered in this section.


1. Safety

As a parent, safety is a primary concern when it comes to purchasing any toy.

Kool Karz® prides itself as a premium reseller of the Ride On Car market. So when it comes to choosing which models to sell to the market, Their speeds range from 3 to 5 km/h which is around walking speed so you won’t have to worry too much about children veering out of control. Still, it’s important to compare all the safety features offered by different manufacturers. We’ve compiled a list of key safety features that we recommend looking out for when choosing a Ride On Car.
The Seat Of A Ride On Car

Seat Belt

One precautionary feature that might be worth noting are seat belts. We all know the benefits of a seat belt in real cars, they help secure your child in place in the case of a crash and minimizes collisions inside the car. But truth be told, the maximum speed of Ride On Cars only exceed walking speeds slightly, so a force strong enough to eject your child out of a car would be very unlikely.

Still, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. All 12V models of Electric Ride On Cars sold by Kool Karz® have a 5-point seat belt system for added safety, with a few other exceptions such as the 2-seater Volkswagon Amarok and the Mclaren P1.


Shock Absorbers

Another feature to keep an eye out for are Shock Absorbers. It’s far more enjoyable to be driving a Ride On Car on rugged terrain than on flat concrete surfaces for the simple fact that to a child, it feels more realistic and similar to an off-road experience. However, driving on uneven ground means hitting a lot of bumps that could make it an uncomfortable ride for its passengers.

That’s why most cars we sell come with a 2-shock absorber or 4-shock absorbers built-in to help dampen shock impulses to ensure a smooth ride for its passengers. All Kool Karz® RIde On Cars come with shock absorbers with the exception of the Mini Jaguar and the Mini Land Rover Defender, which are better suited for smooth surfaces.


Slow Start

Slow starts ensures that the heads of the passengers are not jerked backwards from the acceleration when the car starts. This is an essential feature to have in order to protect children from neck injuries. All Kool Karz® Ride On Cars have slow starts.

Non-Toxic Plastic Chassis

With numerous manufacturers sacrificing quality for price, it’s hard to determine which products are made with a material that is not toxic to your child’s health. In this case, it’s best to go the safe route with Ride On Cars by Kool Karz® Playground. Known for our luxurious, high quality products, our cars are on the pricier end compared to our competitors, but there’s a reason for it. We only source our products from manufacturers that meet a high standard of quality. With Kool Karz®, expect to get what you pay for, which is a premium, long-lasting toy car.


2. Battery

Ride On Cars are fully battery operated, meaning that they run completely on electricity. And because they are fully electric, they are designed to have maximum speed levels set according to its target age demographic of kids ranging from 3 to 8 years old.

For example, there are two power options for Ride On Cars: 12V and 6V. 6V Ride On Cars drive at slower speeds that are more suitable for kids between the ages of 2 to 5 years old, while 12V Ride On Cars have two different speed levels: high and low, to suit a wider range of ages between 2 and 8.

All our Electric Ride On Toy Cars have a 12V battery, with the exception of the Mini Jaguar and the Mini Defender, which have a 6V battery.
Remote Control That Comes With Select Ride On Cars

3. Parental Remote Control

Parental Remote Controls are a nice little add-on for Ride On Cars. They help extend the use of the car too. For example, at the initial purchase of the car, your child might not be old enough to steer the car. Or, he may not be tall enough to reach the acceleration pedal.

But if you still want the child to feel the thrill of riding in the car, you can control the car via a remote control until you are confident that the child is capable of operating the car by himself, perhaps at a later age. This can be done via a switch on the car.

All our cars, with the exception of the ATV, come with a 2.4GHz Bluetooth remote control with a remote distance of 20 to 30 meters. Another great feature is that the remote won’t interfere with other remotes within the same area.

4. Comfort

A good sign that the car is of top quality is to check the interior of the cars. This includes leather seating, spacious legroom, and an adjustable back cushion to minimize any discomfort for its passengers. As a premium provider of Electric Ride On Cars for Kids, our manufacturers spared no expense when building our cars. All the materials used to construct the vehicles are of the highest quality for durability and reliability, in order to provide the most pleasurable experience possible for our customers.

5. Miscellaneous Features


A cool little feature to have on higher-end Ride On Cars is an MP3 AUX cord that allows the connection of an MP3 device to the car. Having this feature can enhance your child’s playtime experience by letting him enjoy some of his favourite tunes, nursery rhymes, or storybooks while cruising around in his whip!

EVA Rubber Wheels

Another feature that you want to look out for are EVA Rubber wheels, with EVA being an acronym for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate. EVA is optimal for Ride On Cars because they require no maintenance and are very light weight. They are puncture proof, durable, and adaptable to different terrains. They are the perfect material to carry the weight of children and the car combined. Our select Electric Ride On Cars by Kool Karz® are equipped with highly durable EVA rubber wheels.


LED Lights

What kind of a car doesn’t have headlights? Most Ride On Cars these days come equipped with LED lights that are powered by the Car’s battery. They shine powerful beams that can light up any dark environment. Perfect for a casual drive at a night time barbecue.



The good thing about most Electric Ride On Cars is that the batteries that power the vehicles are compact enough to allow for extra storage space. The storage space is a fun little addition for your child, if he wants to role play different scenarios where storage space is necessary. For example, if your child is role playing as an explorer, he might want to keep his compass and map in his storage, as well as any essential items crucial for success on his make believe adventure!

The Top 5 Ride On Cars of 2019

Now that you know more about what factors to consider when choosing a Ride On Car, you can either spend hours and hours scouring the internet, researching the best Ride On Cars for your child… Or, you can just follow our recommendations. As veterans in the industry, we did our due diligence when seeking out manufacturers that produced the best Ride On Cars. Hence, all the products you’ll see here are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and the most in-demand models. So without further ado, let’s begin!

5. Kool Karz® Land Rover Defender Electric Ride On Car

One of our favourite miniature replicas of its real-life counterpart, the Defender is a vehicle of exceptional craftsmanship and detail. And we’re talking about the Ride On Toy version. We put it on our top 5 list for the simple fact that it’s a true beauty. Built for military forces, the police, and other government institutions, it’s the ultimate companion car for any child embarking on an arduous mission for justice.

Comes in: Black, White
Land Rover Defender Ride On Car with Doors Open
4. Kool Karz® Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren AMG Ride On Car

If you want a Ride On Car for your child that embodies the luxuriousness of a Grand Tourer, and the grandiosity of a sports car, this Mercedes-McLaren hybrid might be perfect for your taste. This car is reserved for children destined for greatness, and your child is overqualified.
Comes in: Black, Red

A Black SLR McLaren AMG Ride On Car
3. Kool Karz® 2-Seater Volkswagen Amarok Electric Ride On Car

A car with a masculine look that oozes robustness and practicality, this heavy duty animal was built with its real-life counterpart in mind. Does your child need a co-driver on his/her journey? The seating area was made to fit two toddlers, making it the perfect ride-along vehicle for any dynamic duo. Move over Batman and Robin!
Comes in: Black, Blue, White

A Blue McLaren Ride On Car With Doors Open
2. Kool Karz® Mercedes Benz G55 AMG Electric Ride On Car (Gold & Black Limited Edition)

A perfect blend between classic sophistication and a rugged toughness. This limited edition model comes with a truly stunning gold and black paint job better than most real cars. The G55 was built for the off roads, just like its real-life counterpart, making drives at the park smooth and sound for your child. It earned second place our list the moment we laid our eyes on the limited edition colors of Gold & Black, and White & Black. The Mercedes Benz G55 Ride On Car is a true work of art guaranteed to turn heads.
Comes in: Gold & Black, White & Black, Black (High Doors), Black (Low Doors)

A Gold And Black Mercedes Benz G55 AMG Ride On Car with doors open
1. Kool Karz® McLaren P1 Electric Ride On Car

Our latest model. A complete miniature replica of the supercar stud. The aesthetics of this Ride On Car is simply superb with a sleek exterior that resembles a hybrid between a formula 1 car and a plane. Sadly, this Ride On Car, doesn’t drive as fast as an actual sports car because it was built for kids afterall! But with a child’s powerful imagination, it won’t be hard for him/her to imagine himself cruising at top speeds across the most exotic destinations. This Ride On Toy Car is sure to instill a sense of confidence in your child that no other toy can.
Comes in: Yellow, Red, Orange

A Yellow McLaren P1 Ride On Car With Butterfly Doors Open