Land Rover Defender Electric Ride On Toy Car (Black)

Land Rover
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Model Defender
Color Black
Product Size 132*66*60cm
GW/NW 30.5/25 KG
Battery 12V 7AH
Motor 2*35W
Seats 1

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About The Car

If we had to personify the Kool Karz® Land Rover Defender Ride On Car, it'd be an NFL Linebacker.

The car is literally called The Defender.

It's the ideal Ride On Car for the courageous and adventurous children, whom require a noble steed to ride into unexplored lands.

Key Features


PU Leather Seats

This car comes with faux leather seats, so that your child will feel extra comfortable during those hour long drives.


EVA Wheels

This car comes with high-grade, low-maintenance EVA tires for easy driving on different terrains. So that your child can drive smoothly on surfaces such as grass with no loss in performance.


2.4G Bluetooth Parental Remote Control

Is your child unable to operate the Ride On Car just yet? This car comes with a remote control that you can use to control the car, until your child becomes more comfortable doing so by himself/herself! It has a range of 20 - 30m.


Five-Point Seat Belt

This car comes with a five-point seat belt to strap your child in, to keep him/her safe and secure while the vehicle is in motion.



This car comes with an MP3/Music outlet so that your child can play his/her favourite audiobooks, or music while he/she's cruising around.


LED Lights

This car comes with powerful LED Lights for maximum visibility during those evening drives.



This car comes with a horn to signal to bystanders that cuteness is incoming!


Two Shock Absorber

This car comes with Two Shock Absorbers to minimize discomfort when your child drives on uneven ground.


Button Start

Keys are so last decade! Only the koolest cars have push to start... Such as this one. Start the car with a simple push of a button!



This car comes with an efficient suspension system for optimal steering and stability, so that your child has the smoothest ride possible.